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1 Long Pipe Air Horn

Product name: Air Horn
Art. No.: 7601
Material: Zinc aluminum alloy
Length: 38cm
MOQ: 1000pcs
Package: Color Box/Double blister

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Product Details

Description of Air Horn:

This Air horn is sturdy and made of very tough material to withstand any weather and blizzard, shiny chrome made them eye-catching on any vehicle.

description of 1 long pipe air horn.jpg

Advantage of Air Horn:

1. Powerful and loud enough

2.Easy to install

3.Includes basic mounting hardware and hose

Details of Air Horn:

                                     air horn photo.jpg 

 air horn picture.jpgair horn.jpg

Our Service of Air Horn:

Our Service of Air horn.png

Sample Service of Air Horn:

Sample Service of Air horn.png

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