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Car Vacuum Cleaner 120W

Product name: Car Vacuum cleaner
Art. No.: 0150
Power: 120 W
Cable length:4.5M
MOQ: 1000cs
Package: Color Box
Port: Ningbo, China
Place of origin: China (Mainland)

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Product Details

Description of Car Vacuum Cleaner:

1.Car vacuum cleaner have dry and wet function, also have strong power, can efficiently suck up water, dust and so on.

2.Car vacuum cleaner is provided by mighty and modern 120W motor that can suck up 3 i phones.

3.Car vacuum cleaner have 4.5m power cord and different accessories helps clean any hard-to-reach area.

4.Car vacuum cleaner have unique and beautiful design that make you so happy when you use it.

Car Vacuum Cleaner 120W.pngAdvantage of Car Vacuum Cleaner:

1.This car vacuum cleaner have a beautiful design and popular in many countries.

2. The car vacuum cleaner is 120W, it has strong power, can efficiently suck up water, dust cigarette ash and so on.

3. This car vacuum cleaner have different accessories to make the clean easier and can reach every corner of your car.

4. We can make your OEM design for color box car vacuum cleaner.

Details of Car Vacuum Cleaner:

0150-2.JPG 0150-4.jpg0150-1.jpg 0150.jpg


Our Service of Car vacuum cleaner:

Our Service of Car Vacuum Cleaner 120W.png

Sample Service of Car vacuum cleaner:

Sample Service of Car Vacuum Cleaner 120W.png

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