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Car Wash Machine

Car Wash Machine

Product name:Car Washing
Art. No.:0166
Package:Color Box
Motor type:brush motor
Working pressure:90bar
Max pressure:140bar

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Product Details

Description of Car Washing:

1.The simple priming device siphon off water from any water container.

2.On the water inside and outside the integrated design, use, maintenance is convenient.

3.Fine brush (cleaning medical equipment, precision instruments), not to hurt the paint!

4.Professional technology layered high toughness soft brush to remove dirt more thoroughly.

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Advantage of Car Washing:

1.Normal car wash costs.

2.Each machine is manufactured by professional experienced staff.

3.The car wash machine is portable, easy carry everyday, patrol, camping, wild fishing, hiking and other outdoor activities.

4.Long scrub high efficiency cars, used that well.

Details of Car Washing:

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Our Service of Car Washing:

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Sample Service of Car Washing:

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