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Microfiber Cotton Cloth

Product name:Car cleaning gloves
Size: 23*17cm
Material: Microfiber
98101D for double sides
98101S for single side
MOQ: 1000pcs
Package: Head card/Plastic Bag
Port: Ningbo, China
Place of origin: China (Mainland)

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Product Details

Description of Microfiber Gloves:

Our microfiber cotton cloth is superior to virtually every other one on the market.This large,plush cloth will make washing your car fast,easy and enjoyable. It is super absorbent, holds tons of soap,and is specially designed to deep clean in the most gentle way possible. It provides a safe,effective way to wash your car or truck. It will never streak,scratch or swirl,and leaves your car looking spot-free and polished. 

Multi-function: household, car, hotel, office, etc.

Microfiber Cotton Cloth.png

Advantage of Car Cleaning Gloves:

1. Different sizes, colors and packages can be customized for your need. 

2. Safe to use, and easy to clean.

3. Quick-Dry and Eco-friendly

Details of Car Cleaning Gloves:

car washing.jpg car gloves.jpg

Microfiber cleaning gloves.jpg

Package picture:

cleaning gloves card.jpg car cleaning gloves package.jpg

Our Service of Car Cleaning Gloves:

our service Microfiber Cotton Cloth.png

Sample Service of Car Cleaning Gloves:

sample service Microfiber Cotton Cloth.png


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