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45#Stell Sapper Shovel

Product name: Sapper Shovel
Art. No.: 1244
Material: 45# steel
Total length: 58cm
Package: Zipper bag / Oxford bag
Place of origin: China (Mainland)

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Product Details

Description of Sapper Shovel:

As the quality of life improved, many outdoor enthusiasts and car owners became addicted to the product.When camping, the vast majority of outdoor enthusiasts encountered a car stuck in the mud during the trip. 

description of 45#Stell Sapper Shovel.jpg

Advantage of Sapper Shovel:

1. Folding multi-function sappers shovel shovel 

2. Using for the military or outdoor camping

3. Pickaxe and shovel function 

4. We can offer blue, red,color for you.

Details of Sapper Shovel:

1244-2.jpg   1244-1.jpg

1244-3.jpg   1244-4.jpg

Our Service of Sapper Shovel:

our service 45#Stell Sapper Shovel.png

Sample Service of Sapper Shovel:

sample service 45#Stell Sapper Shovel.png

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