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Car Air Purifier Best

Car Air Purifier Best

Product name: Car Air Purifier
DC input:12V/1000mA
USB output:5V 1000mA
Negative ion release:5x10000000 pcs/cm³
For space:<10m³
Fan:oil-bearing fan
Structual parts:ABS

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Product Details

Description of Car Air Purifier:

New style Mini portable negative oxygen ion car air purifier, it can purify the air inside the car, can effectively absorb pollutants in the air,offer you a comfortable, healthy car air. You can drive your car to anywhere you wanna go reassuringly.Car Air Purifier Best.jpg

Advantage of Car Air Purifier:

1.The third generation of negative ion patented technology

2. In addition to PM2.5, smoke, formaldehyde,TVOC and bacteria

3.Medical grade composite filter: H12 grade HEPA + modified activated carbon

4.anion overcome carsickness, alleviate driving fatigue

5. Imported cast aluminum turbine fan, every three minutes to clean the car air


Details of Car Air Purifier:

YB-020 01.jpg  3843840167_1474227788.jpg

Our Service of Car Air Purifier:


Sample Service of car air purifier:

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