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12V Camping Refrigerator

Product name: Car refrigerator
Art. No.: CR011
Power:DC 12V,AC 100V-240V
Volume: 10 Litre
Power consumption: 48W±10%
Cooling: Down to 3°C at 25°C ambient
Heating: 50-65°C by thermostat
Insulation:High density EPS
Equipped with long life brushless motor (30,000 hours)

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Product Details

Description of Car Refrigerator

1. Car refrigerator means a freezer that can be carried in the car.

2. Car refrigerator is popular on the international market in recent years, it’s a new generation of refrigeration appliances.

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Advantage of Car Refrigerator

1. All-In-One Solution - tons of storage, convenient and portable

2. Vast Storage Space

3. Keep Food Cool (or Warm)

4. Convenient and Portable Design - A great companion for truck party, travel, picnic outdoor, camping


Details of Car Refrigerator:

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Our Service of Car Refrigerator

Car refrigeratorservice.pngSample Service of Car Refrigerator:

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