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Emergency Tool Kit for Truck

Emergency Tool Kit for Truck

Product name: Emergency Tools Kit
Art. No.: EK030
Package: EVA Bag
Place of origin: China (Mainland)

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Product Details

Description of Emergency Tools Kit:


Configuration table:

1pc 19-cylinder pump DC 12V

33pcs first aid kit

1pc utility knife

1pc tire pressure pen

1pc flashlight

1pc lce scraper with gloves

1pc booster cable:10mm2,2.5m

1pc towing rope:1.5T,3m

1pc raincoat

1pc car safety hammer

1pc EVA bag 30x12.5x24cm

Description of Emergency Tools Kit.png

Advantage of Emergency Tools Kit:

1.  The case is crafted from sturdy and ridged plastic that won’t get crushed in your trunk, backseat, spare tire compartment or truck bed like most kits on the market. Lightweight, compact and yet still holds everything you need for life’s unexpected events

2. Usage: Great kit for most auto emergencies, including: booster cable,tow rope, utility knife, tire pressure pen,flashlight, lce scraper with gloves,raincoat,car safety hammer,Great gift for your Relative.

Details of Emergency Tools Kit:


Our Service of Emergency Tools Kit:

Service of Emergency Tool Kit for Truck.jpg

Sample Service of Emergency Tools Kit:

Sample of Emergency Tool Kit for Truck.jpg

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