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Tow Rope for Car

Poduct Name: Tow Rope
Art No.: 9503
Size:1.2t x 4m, 2.0t x 4m,2.8t x 4m
Color: Yellow, Blue, Red
Package: PVC hand bag, zipper bag,heat shrink film

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Product Details

Description of Tow Rope:

The tow rope is designed for those tough situation where a recovery strap is not strong enough. The rope stretches underload to store kinetic energy to caterpault your vehicle out.used in towing vehicles, pulling equipment, and moving debris

Description of Tow Rope.png

Advantage of Tow Rope:

1.Breaking strength at 60,000 lbs

2.Recoil rope measures 1-1/2" x 30'

3.Heavy-duty and flexible Nylon 66 material

4.Durable storage bag included

5.Each rope has 12 carefully woven strands to provide better elasticity and strength, and are spliced at both ends

6.Max elongation is at 30% - gives you an added 30% of length

7.Carefully coated using ICO-THANE 10 material from Belgium, which has outstanding abrasion and cut resistance

8.Gives a hard, highly extensible and tough layer over the rope and reduces dirt infiltration

9.Abrasion-, mildew- and UV-resistant

Details of Tow Rope:

pic of tow rope.jpg  tow ropes.jpg

Package For Tow Rope:

package for tow rope (1).jpg  package for tow rope (3).jpgpackage for tow rope (2).jpg

Our Service of Tow Rope:

Service of Tow Rope for Car.jpg

Sample Service of Tow Rope:

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