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Auto Bulb

  • T20 12V
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    T20 12V

    T20 12V21W
    T20 12V21/5W
    Material: glass
    Fliament:C - 6
    Base: W3X16D
    ​Atmosphere: gas - filled
    Type: trun light
  • T19 12V 25W
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    T19 12V 25W

    T19 6V35/35W P15D-25-1
    T19 12V25/25W P15D-25-1
    T19 12V35/35W P15D-25-1
    Base: P15D
    Bulb material: glass
  • T15 12V
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    T15 12V

    T15 12V10W
    T15 12V15W
    T15 12V18W
  • T13 12V 10W
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    T13 12V 10W

    T13 6V10W
    T13 12V5W 12V10W
    Bulb material: glass
    Many color available
  • T10 12V 5W Bulb
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    T10 12V 5W Bulb

    T10 6V3W 6V5W
    T10 12V3W 12V5W
    T10 24V3W 24V5W
    Material: glass
    Package:10 pieces in a color box
  • T5 12V
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    T5 12V

    T5 12V1.2W
    T5 12V2W
    T5 24V1.2W
    T5 24V2W
    Material: Glass
    E-matk certification
  • SV 8.5 5W
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    SV 8.5 5W

    Product name: Bulb
    Art. No.: SV 8.5 5W
    MOQ: 3000pcs
    Package: Color Box, blister
  • 12V21 5W S25 Bay15D
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    12V21 5W S25 Bay15D

    Product name: S25 BAY15D
    Art.No.: S25 BAY15D
    Voltage: 12V/24V
    Power: 5W
    Package: Color Box or Blister
  • RP 35 Bulb
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    RP 35 Bulb

    Product name:RP35 bulb
    Art. No.: RP35
    MOQ: 3000pcs
    Package: OPP bag
    Port: Ningbo, China
    Place of origin: China (Mainland)
  • Rp30 Bulb
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    Rp30 Bulb

    RP30 6V35/35W P15D-25-3
    RP30 12V25/25W P15D-25-3
    RP30 12V35/35W P15D-25-3
    Base: P15D
    Bulb material: glass
  • G40 Bulb Wattage
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    G40 Bulb Wattage

    G40 6V35/35W P45T
    G40 12V45/40W P45T
    G40 12V75/70W P45T
    G40 24V55/50W P45T
    G40 24V75/70W P45T
  • G18 Bulb
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    G18 Bulb

    G18 12V5W BA15S
    G18 12V10W BA15S
    G18 24V5W BA15S
    G18 24V10W BA15S
    Base: BA15S
    Bulb material: glass
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