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H1 9 SMD

H1 9 SMD

Spec:9 X 5050 SMD

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Product Details

Description of SMD Bulb 

The SMD bulb is more brighter and long lifetime.

1. Item:H1

2. Base:14.5S

3. Spec:9 X 5050 SMD


Advantage of SMD Bulb:

1. We offer different kinds of bulbs according to different market.

2. Usage: For Car. The Compact Universal Bulb contains the 1 main types Bulbs ,Very safe during use. 

Details of SMD Bulb:

H1 9SMD.jpg

Description of SMD Bulb

Our Service of H1 9 SMD.png

Sample sevice of SMD Bulb 

Sample Service of H1 9 SMD.png

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