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Product name: Air Blow Gun
Art. No.: 98210A
PE tube suit: 4x6mm
5m PU blue tube
MOQ: 1000 sets
Package: Double Blister
Port: Ningbo, China
Place of origin: China (Mainland)

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Product Details

Description of Air Blow Gun:

This lightweight air blow gun is very comfortable to use and has a trigger to control the desired airflow to the gun tip. It is more convenient, faster and easier to use for all applications. It includes an ergonomic grip, comfortable lever control and insulated handle.

12 Air Blow Gun.png

Advantage of Air Blow Gun:

1. This lightweight blowgun is comfortable to use and has a trigger to control the airflow to the gun tip.

2. Tackle your detailed cleaning efficiently and conveniently.

3. Finish your projects faster and easier.

4. Very safe during use.

5. Heavy duty.

Details of Air Blow Gun: 

air blow gun detail picture.jpgair blow gun.jpgdetail picture of air blow gun.jpg

Package picture

air blow gun package.jpg

Our Service of Air Blow Gun

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Sample Service of Air Blow Gun:

sample service 12 Air Blow Gun.png

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