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Electric 1.5Amp Maintainer

Electric 1.5Amp Maintainer

Product name: Battery charger
Art. No.: BC-2304
MOQ: 100pcs
Package: Color Box
Port: Ningbo, China
Place of origin: China (Mainland)
Smart battery charger
Automatic overcharging protection

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Product Details

Description of battery charger:

1. A smart battery charger is very good for charging battery and keeping safety.There is one type which is suitable for all you need.

2. 1.5A 12V trickle charge

3. Keeping batteries charged while in storage

4. LED indication

5. Automatic overcharging protection

6. Reverse hookup protection

7. Short protection

8. Overheat protection

Advantage of Battery Charger:

1.Heavy duty

2.New model

3.LED indication

4.Automatic protection

5.With certificate

Details of Battery Charger


BC-2304.jpg Car Battery Charger (1).png

Car Battery Charger (2).png Car Battery Charger (3).png

Car Battery Charger (4).png

Our Service of Battery Charger

 service of Electric 1.5Amp Maintainer.png

Sample Service of Battery Charger

sample of Electric 1.5Amp Maintainer.png

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