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Electric Hydraulic Car Jack 12 Volt

Product name: Electric Hydraulic Jack
Art. No.: Q098
Rated power: 150W
Operating voltage: DC 12V
Max. current: 13A
Fuse: 15A
Max. loading car weight: 3T
Lift range: 135-360mm
Power cable: 3.5m

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Product Details

Description for Electric Hydraulic Car Jack 12 Volt:

Our electric hydraulic jack uses well chosen raw materials with durable and long lasting inside motor. It is easy to operate and suitable for outdoor working. Smart but powerful with guaranteed quality. Extremely durable and reliable power tools.

Electric Hydraulic Car Jack 12 Volt.jpgAdvantage for Electric Hydraulic Car Jack 12 Volt:

1. Adopt self-developed small flow and large efficiency gear pump, reduce electrical power, reduce the work of car batteries and circuits to ensure the car circuit is not affected

2. Design of current overload protection

3. Design self-locking power structure and safety unloading knob, in case of the power has been disconnected, the increased jack will not fall, then when re-connecting the power, jack will go on working in accordance with the instruction, or using the safety unloading knob to fall, which will protect the user’s personal safety effectively

4. Fully enclosed design of the hydraulic tank, the machine used at any angle will not leak oil

5. The machine just connects the car cigarette lighter, then the car will be risen and fallen.

6. Portable,compact and easy to operate.

7. Design of super bright LED light, easy for night illumination

Details for Electric Hydraulic Car Jack 12 Volt:

                                        Q098 01.jpg 

Q098 02.jpg Electric Hydraulic Jack package.jpg

Our Service for Electric Hydraulic Car Jack 12 Volt:service of Electric Hydraulic Jack.png

Sample Service for Electric Hydraulic Car Jack 12 Volt:

Electric Hydraulic Jack sample.png

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