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Belt Ratchet Hand Winch

Belt Ratchet Hand Winch

Poduct Name: Hand Winch
Art No.: WH001
Material: A3# steel, 45# forged hooks zinc coating
Cable Size:50mm*8M

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Product Details

Description of Hand Winch:

A hand winch is a machine tool, it pulls the goods by hand winding the winch drum. driven by a geared winch, the rope is used to pull the cargo through the wire rope around it.It comes with an automatic brake, which makes it safer to operate. 

Description of Hand Winch.png

Advantage of Hand Winch:

1. We offer different models of hand winch according to different market.

2. Usage: to pull the heavy goods

3. Very safe during use.

4. Heavy duty.

5. We can offer different colors and models for you

Details of Hand Winch:

WH001 (2).jpg


Our Service of Hand Winch:

Service of Car Working Lamp.jpg

Sample Service of Hand Winch:

Sample of Car Working Lamp.jpg

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