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30 PSI Tire Pressure Gauge

30 PSI Tire Pressure Gauge

Product name: Pencil tire pressure gauge
Art. No.: 9910
Economy type:metal body,2 sides plastic bar,chrome-plated head
Calibrated:10-50LBS or 10-100LBS
MOQ: 1000pcs
Package: Insert card

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Product Details

Description of Pencil Tire Pressure Gauge:

It is a simple device used to measure the pressure inside tires. Basically it consists of a piston whose movement can be tracked on a scale with the help of a calibrated rod connected to it.

When a balance between the two forces acting on the piston is achieved, the value of the pressure in the tire can be read on the calibrated rod which moves simultaneously with the piston.

30 PSI Tire Pressure Gauge.jpg 

Advantage of Pencil Tire Pressure Gauge:

1. Economic pencil type

2. More styles for selection

3. 4-sided or 2-side scale

4. Ideal for cars and light truck

5. Pressure range: 10-50 psi or 10-100 psi

6. easy to use.

Details of Pencil Tire Pressure Gauge:

9910 01.jpg     50JRJMY9N[LXV1B`E9GB$TO.png  


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