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Scissors Jack 2 Ton

Product name: Scissors Jack
Art. No.: Q090
Loading capacity:2t
Rising range: 110-410mm
Net weight: 2.85kgs
Package: Color Box
Place of origin: China (Mainland)

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Product Details

Description of Scissors Jack:

Stabilize or lift your car, trailer or SUV minimum height from 110mm  to maximum height 410mm. This is a 2 Ton rated weight capacity scissors jack with the net weight 2.85kgs.

description of Scissors Jack 2 Ton.jpg

Advantage of Scissors Jack:

  1. High quality scissors jack with heavy duty metal frame

  2. Easy to use and portable

  3. Large base and saddle helps provide stability

  4. 100% factory tested for reliability and safety, very safe during use.

  5. We can offer black, gray, red and other colors for you.

  6. We can offer different models of scissors jacks according to your market.

  7. Our scissors jacks have CE certificate.


Details of Scissors Jack:

Scissors Jack part.jpg     Scissors Jack red.jpg

Scissors Jack black.jpg

Our Service of Scissors Jack


Sample Service of Scissors Jack:




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