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2 Ton Screw Jack

Product name: Screw Jack
Art. No.: Q055
Rising range: 150-310mm
Capacity: 2.0t
Net weight: 3.58kg
Place of origin: China (Mainland)

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Product Details

Description of Screw Jack:

Rising range: 150-310mm

Capacity: 2.0t

Net weight: 3.58kg

Our screw jack has welded steel construction body. Reduces metal fatigue allowing for a longer use of life. The rising range of this screw jack is from 150mm to 310mm.

Can be used in any position upright, horizontal and angle position.

Unique design offers increased stability and safety.

2 Ton Screw Jack chart.png

Advantage of Screw Jack:

1. Very safe during use.

2. Heavy duty screw jack.

3. We can offer different colors for you.

Details of Screw Jack:

Screw jack black.jpgScrew jack photo.jpgScrew jack detail.jpgScrew jack red.jpgScrew jack.jpgScrew jack picture.jpg

Our Service of Screw Jack:

our service 2 Ton Screw Jack.png

Sample Service of Screw Jack:

sample service 2 Ton Screw Jack.png

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