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22 Series Snow Chains

Product name: Snow chain
Art. No.: 22,42 series
22 series, single tire
42 series, double tire
Package: Plastic Box/Nylon bag

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Product Details

Description of Snow chain:

1. Material: carbon steel/Alloy steel chain.Transverse design. 
2. Transverse chain.
3. 1 set=2 pcs
4. Accessories: fitting instructions.

Advantage of snow chain:

1. Common type design.

2. Installed without moving vehicle, no tools needed.
4. Recommended for front-wheel drive
5. Good traction on snowy & icy road,max speed 50KM/H.

Details of Snow chain:

 snow chain 22,42 S 01.jpgsnow chain 22,42 S03.jpgsnow chain 22,42 S 02.jpg

Package picture

snow chain package.jpg


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Sample Service of snow chain:



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