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Fantastic Multifunctional Window Squeegee

Functions of Window Squeegee

Window squeegee is a professional window cleaning accessory. It effectively wipes stains, water drops and soap bubbles off any flat smooth surfaces quickly and easily. Not only can it use for car window, but also can widely used for bathroom fogged mirrors, kitchen windows, soapy shower doors, tiled surfaces etc.



Classification of Window Squeegee

According to the length of handle, window squeegee can be  classified into two types. One is adjustable and the other is nonadjustable.The handles length of the adjustable can be adjusted. Users can use based on their using habits. It is very humanized and convenient. While the handles length of the nonadjustable is fixed.


Providing Diverse Choice for our Clients

Various Materials to choose

①wooden handle window squeegee

②plastic handle window squeegee

③aluminum handle window squeegee


3.png4.png 5.png

Two kinds of handle to choose

One is adjustable and the other is nonadjustable.

Multiple Colors and Type to choose

The color is very rich. You can choose one you for the range undoubtedly.


Features of self-owned-Auto Newland Window Squeegee




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