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Multi-function for Portable Camp Gas Stove

Multi-function for Portable Camp Gas Stove 

  The cassette stove is also called a portable butane gas stove. It refers to a non-fixed cooking utensil that uses butane gas as the main gas, liquefied gas, etc., and can also be used as a fuel, and is directly heated by fire. And hotel supplies.

  There are many kinds of classifications, mainly single - eye, two - eye;Single use, dual use;General, ultrathin, mini, etc.

Portable butane gas stove with single - eye, two - eye:

  We can see from the classification of the number of such classification is mainly composed of built-in oven burning eye, the market some only monocular and two eyes, one eye and the basic structure of the eyes is actually almost, to distinguish is different in size and number of burning eyes

Portable butane gas stove with Single use, dual use

  Use dual distinction lies in the air inlet device on the regulator is different, use built-in oven is only applicable to install butane gas cylinders are applicable, the function of the dual-purpose built-in oven is suitable for including outside also can be a family of liquefied gas burning.

Portable butane gas stove with General, ultrathin, mini

 This category is the classification of appearance volume, which can be seen from the literal, ultra-thin is the overall height of the shell is lower, the mini is smaller, and the common type is commonly used in the market.

   The cassette furnace is a popular portable oven in recent years and is used in many restaurants.General use butane gas for heat, is a miniature gas canisters hearth, don't pick the pot, used to rinse chaffy dish, it is very suitable for outdoor picnic, it is time to use it to replace the induction cooker at home!

  The range of fire control is wide enough to meet the daily requirements. It can be used for hot pot, stir-fry, porridge, soup, etc

Camping home easier then, convenient and practical, built-in oven was light and thin, easy to carry, no plug, very suitable for outdoor use, prepared food, take a pot, with built-in oven, you can start to go for a picnic.Suitable for friends gathering, outdoor picnic, both convenient and safe, use a variety of, will definitely add color to the summer picnic!



Hope this letter can help you know the Portable Camp Gas Stove, and if you have any needs about this kinds of products, pls feel free contact us !


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