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The Current Situation of Rising of Raw Material Prices

Due to the Chinese government’s new environmental policies, in China more than 176000 raw material factories are closed from September 2017. And The raw material procurement situation has become very tense.


It is be sure that the prices of all products have risen a lot since September 2017. The biggest impact is the price of steel, plastic and cardboard boxes.


1. Steel prices are up about 42.8% per ton;

2. Plastic prices are up about 58.3% per ton;

3. Cardboard prices are up about 66.6% per sqm;


It will be much appreciated that you could understand and accept this fact and hope that in the upcoming new year 2018, we will continue to provide you with quality service.


If any purchase plan in the year 2018, hope you do not hesitate to contact with us.


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