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Why car warning lights are so different in the market ?

Warning lamps are generally used to maintain road safety. You will see it on police car, machine shop car, fire fighting truck, emergency ambulance, road service car etc. They are Perfect for use in Fog, Rainy, Snowy & Mud Wind Season, Ideal for Emergency Situations ,Durable and Bright Light. The warning lights play an important role in the safety of personnel and vehicles.



Warning lamps are classified snail warning lamp,small round warning lamp, big round warning lamp, flat warning lamp according to appearance. As well as, the bulb in the warning lamp could be LED light, tube, small bulb, SMD light. As customers’ different demand , the number of LED light and SMD light can also be different, and the popular models are often with 60LEDS, 80LEDS, 100LEDS.



1. As you know , the color of warning lamps will be different as the different application they used. Normally the warning lamp on police car should be red and blue with flashing . It should be all blue if it is on machine shop car and road sprinkler and school bus etc. It should be yellow and blue if it is used on city management car.

2. Normally the warning lights you see are directly mounted on the top of the car , for the bottom with one big round magnet mount, the capability of tension is up to 1.3kg. Therefore, this makes a very high requirement for the magnetism of the magnet. But for the truck , the warning lights are stalled with screws.

3. They are with long life warrant super bright, available continue working 24 hours.

4. Some extra accessories make it more convenient and effective to use with switch and alarm.


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